Monday, June 6, 2011

the chick palace

Architect, engineer, builder, friend, lover, farmer. . . that is my Mr. T. He has unleashed his skills and talent on this little farm. We are all so happy he has. . . especially our chickens here on the East Side. . . all these chicks need are a few rhinestones and a chandelier for their new chick palace! 

It is worth noting that all the materials used for this little coop were re-purposed from trash! Crates from behind Gerties Brick Oven Pizzeria, doors from the Salvation Army, salvaged wood from our old fence, hinges and wire from my father-in-law's garage. . .
jen t.


  1. The sisters on the "West Side" are pretty happy too...I think I just saw them flash a gang sign, chicken style! LOL

  2. East side hot chicks are ready to corrupt the nunnery.