Tuesday, May 3, 2011

small beginnings

This is a story about two families, who lived next to each other on 5th Avenue for several years as casual acquaintances, and then, over the course of a few short months in the late summer of 2010 really began getting involved in each other's lives. Words like community, sustainable living, and organic gardening began flying...and the rest is history.

Meet the Gardners (Kevin and Jen, Josiah, Elijah, and Noah) and the Thornquests (Daniel and Jen, Skye, Jordan, Mariah, and Mady).

Yes, you have to have someone named Jen in your family to join the community ;)

Together we are embarking on a journey of sustainability, right in our own backyards.

As of today, most of the action has been at the Thornquests, because Mr. Gardner (Kevin) is just finishing up nursing school and has had no time for anything extracurricular.  This month begins our joint foray into making our ideas come to life.  Several projects are slated, including starting our first community garden (at the Thornquests due to the destructive nature of the 3 small boys in the Gardner home), designing and building a couple chicken coops (a.k.a. chick chalets), the birth of some baby bunnies, and preserving and canning the bounty of the garden.

The two Jens have committed to chronicle our adventures on this blog.

So, let the journey begin!

jen g.

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